Upcoming Events: It is time for the summer workshops! Indulge your child in the beauty of languages... Learn French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese... Age group: 4 to 10 years

For parents

Why learn a foreign language at a young age?
Great deal of research has been conducted on the linguistic development in children and all of it suggests that children can learn any number of languages with ease.
Learning a new language,
1. Impacts your child’s creative and cognitive abilities
2. Bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world
3. Provides a passport to a new way of living and thinking
How do we teach?
We believe in Confucian theory.
"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I'll understand."
The pedagogy involved is straight and simple. Learn with fun using a brilliant mix of multimedia including videos, games, > songs, hands-on activities and a total cultural indulgence. This will make your Little Linguist’s learning journey effortless and full of fun.
         What do we teach?
We follow a ‘theme based approach’ whereby the vocabulary, language structure and culture will be introduced based on different themes. For instance, Shopping, Classroom, Festivals, My house, Animal Kingdom,On the streets and so on. Your child will be able to:
1. Speak basic words of the language
2. Learn about some language and country specific facts
3. Engage in a different cultural experience
4. Comprehend and speak survival phrases